Nilay Kumar

I'm a fourth year graduate student at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. Before this I was an undergraduate at Columbia University in New York City, NY. You can find my CV here.
When I'm not thinking about math I like to read.

We're running a mathematical physics seminar, affectionately named math-ph.

research interests

Broadly speaking, I'm interested in mathematical physics, the geometry and topology related to quantum field theories. At the moment I'm thinking about differential cohomology and derived geometry.
My advisor is Ezra Getzler.


Northwestern Complex Geometry Fall2018 Ezra Getzler's lectures (live\(\TeX\)'d)
Fields Institute Derived Geometry Summer2018 Various lectures (live\(\TeX\)'d)
Northwestern Complex Geometry Win/Spr2018 Mihnea Popa's lectures (live\(\TeX\)'d)
Northwestern Graduate student seminar Sep222017 15 minute talk on Atiyah-Singer
Northwestern Factorization homology Fall2017 John Francis' lectures (live\(\TeX\)'d)
Northwestern Milnor seminar Apr102017 Chern classes and differential forms
Northwestern WKB reading group Mar222017 the Morse and de Rham \(A_\infty\)-(pre)categories
Northwestern BV seminar Jan102017 symplectic geometry and classical mechanics
Northwestern Kan seminar Nov302016 \(h_*\)-localization of spaces, after Bousfield
Northwestern Reshetikin-Turaev seminar Jan132016 geometric quantization
Northwestern reading course Dec112015 rough notes on symplectic geometry


Office hours: Th 2-4pm, F 1-2pm in Lunt B11