Paul Goerss

Professor of Mathematics
Department of Mathematics
Northwestern University


From 1978 to 2023 I taught a great range of courses. One early example, while I was still a graduate student, was a complex analysis class for Navy lieutenants. It is hard to imagine a more motivated cohort. The most unusual courses were the First-Year Seminars in 2013 and 2017. After the first of these I wrote a reflection which, while now dated, is a snaphot of life in the University at the time.

Graduate Students

In all, I supervised three PhD students at the University of Washington and twenty-two students at Northwestern. A list can be found at this Math Geneaology entry.

The Multiplicative Ring Spectra Project, with Mike Hopkins

Any writing of note on this topic can now be found on the arXiv. There remains only An Encomium from June 5, 2023.