Math 360 Project 3 (Winter 2011)

The main worksheet for the project can be found at

In order to do the Matlab for this project you will need a number of tools. For graphing in 3D and cylindrical coordinates see
The rest of the files below are for producing and evaluating Bessel series. Some of these files call the others, so you need them all. How to use these file is in

You will need a way to calculate zeros of Bessel functions. You can download the following Matlab function file. You will need to save it where Matlab can find it.
To evaluate coefficients for Bessel series try the following function file, which finds the coefficients for f(t) = 1-t^2.
You then need to take a partial sum in the series. Try
This last only gives the partial sums of the Bessel series. The following shows how to give the sum approximating a solution of heat equation: