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Mathematics Conference at NU

Mathematics Conference at NU


Workshop in Equivariant, Chromatic, and Motivic Homotopy Theory

Workshop: May 18-22, 2009

Conference: May 25-29, 2009

Organizers: Kevin Costello, Ezra Getzler, and Paul Goerss

There will be a conference on Topological Field Theory and related geometry, topology, and category theory to be held at Northwestern University during the week of Memorial Day (May 25-29, 2009). There will be a workshop intended primarily for graduate students and others new to the field during the preceding week.

Both the conference and the workshop will be supported by the National Science Foundation and Northwestern University.

If you are interested in attending either or both of these weeks please write to us at

Below is a preview of the partial and provisional list of speakers. We will be adding further names over time as others reply to our invitation to speak. A number of these speakers will be present both weeks; a few will be in residence for a longer period.


David Ben-Zvi
Jacob Lurie
Bertrand Toën


All talks will take place in Room 205 of Garrett Theological Seminary, which is just north of the Mathematics Department in Lunt Hall.