300-Level Math Courses - a brief description of what different 300-level math courses are all about

Formulating and Writing Proofs - some suggestions on how to approach proof-based courses

I am happy to work with students on summer research projects (of the type funded by the Northwestern Summer Undergraduate Research Grants) and honors theses in mathematics. In the past, I've supervised summer projects studying various aspects of Banach and Hilbert spaces, and honors theses dealing with mathematical physics. If you have an idea for a project or thesis, or are interested in learning about possible topics, let me know! Some potential projects of mine are listed on the department's page for Undergraduate Research Projects.

I am also open to leading independent study courses. In the past I've supervised courses dealing with topics such as hyperbolic geometry, manifolds and Lie groups, and representation theory. If you have an idea for a course, let me know!