Math 291 (Intensive Linear Algebra & Multivariable Calculus) Archive

Math 291 is one of Northwestern's two year-long freshman-level MENU (Mathematical Experience for Northwestern Undergraduates) sequences, the other being Math 290. The goal of both sequences is to expose students coming out of high school to linear algebra and multivariable calculus at a level conceptually higher than what they would see in the non-MENU versions of these courses. As opposed to Math 290, which is more computational, Math 291 is heavily (emphasis on heavily) focused on theory and proofs.

Here you'll find exams and notes from previous Math 291 courses I've taught. Keep in mind that books used and specific topics covered may change slightly year-to-year, so take care when deciding what is or isn't relevant for a current course.

Sample syllabi and schedules: Math 291-1 (schedule), Math 291-2 (schedule), Math 291-3 (schedule)