Shuyi Weng
Mathematics Department, Northwestern University

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I was born and raised in Nanjing, China. My childhood and teenage years were infused with memories of this beautiful city. In 2011, I left my hometown and came to the United States. I attended Bard College on the banks of the Hudson River for undergraduate studies.

I moved to Chicago in 2015 for graduate school at Northwestern University. I earned my PhD in Mathematics under the direction of Laura DeMarco in 2020, and started a teaching postdoctoral position. This page describes my life and my passions, current and past.

I adopted a cat in 2017. I named him Muon, although most of the time he has been referred to as Chubby (or Fat-Fat). Muon is six years old. He likes to cuddle, supervises his humans to work, and enjoys belly rubbing from his humans. But most of the day, he is sleeping somewhere in the room.

I met my wife, Yimei Tang, in Chicago. She is a software engineer who is also enthusiastic about the hospitality industry. We play board games to determine who should clean up the litter box for Muon.

I love getting outside. Since moving to Chicago, I have enjoyed long jogs and occasional cycling trips along the shore of Lake Michigan. The picture to the left was taken on Lakefront Trail near Lincoln Park. Sometimes, I step out at night for stargazing, especially when there are significant astronomical events like eclipses, meteor showers, and comets.

There are a few sports I particularly enjoy. I play badminton quite often with the club at Northwestern University. I started rock-climbing in 2018 after I passed my qualifying exam. It is challenging and fun at the same time, and I quickly start to enjoy it. The picture to the right sees me sending a V3 problem at First Ascent. In 2019, I improved my figure skating skills at Robert Crown Center in Evanston.

The COVID-19 pandemic has put a halt on sports at public locations. I have been playing Ring Fit Adventure on Nintendo Switch, which barely qualifies as a sport. But hey! You gotta do something at home to keep the body fit.