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I am a (postdoctoral) Assistant Professor (RTPC) in Mathematics at University of Southern California from Fall 2023. Here is my CV.

I obtained my PhD degree at Northwestern University in Spring 2023 under the supervision of Professor Emmy Murphy and Professor Eric Zaslow. I obtained my Bachelor's degree at Peking University in China.

Email: wenyuan.li at usc.edu

Office: KAP 424A, USC.


My research interest is symplectic/contact topology. It originates from the study of 'phase spaces' in classical mechanics, where one considers the space encoding both the location and the momentum of the particles. The word 'symplectic' is borrowed from ancient Greek which means 'complex' (I learned this from Professor Ivan Smith's ICM talk).

More specifically, my research interest is in symplectic/contact invariants coming from microlocal sheaf theory, especially invariants of Legendrian and Lagrangian submanifolds and its relation to invariants coming from pseudo-holomorphic curves or generating families. I am also trying to understand their connections between symplectic geometry and cluster algebras, mirror symmetry, noncommutative geometry and persistence modules.

I am interested in the flexibility side of symplectic/contact topology (in higher dimensions) involving h-principles as well.

Papers and Preprints

Research Notes

  • Functoriality of sheaf categories over Weinstein manifolds, pdf. The mathematical content is essentially extracted from Lagrangian cobordism functor in microlocal sheaf theory Section 3.2.




Teaching Assistant

  • MATH 300-BR, Foundations of Higher Mathematics, Summer 2022
  • MATH 290-3, MENU Linear Algebra and Multi Variable Calculus III, Spring 2021
  • MATH 330-3, Abstract Algebra III, Spring 2021
  • MATH 290-2, MENU Linear Algebra and Multi Variable Calculus II, Winter 2021
  • MATH 330-2, Abstract Algebra II, Winter 2021
  • MATH 290-1, MENU Linear Algebra and Multi Variable Calculus I, Fall 2020
  • MATH 330-1, Abstract Algebra I, Fall 2020
  • MATH 220-1, Single Variable Differential Calculus, Fall 2019
  • MATH 230-1, Multi Variable Differential Calculus, Winter 2020
  • MATH 230-1, Multi Variable Differential Calculus, Spring 2020
  • Instructor

    • GRE Sub preparation, Causeway Postbaccalaureate Certificate Program, Summer 2022

I'm also helping Prof. Elton Hsu and Dr. Miguel Lerma with the Northwestern Putnam training sessions.

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