Yajnaseni Dutta

Email: ydutta@math.northwestern.edu
Office: Locy 206

I am a fifth year PhD student in mathematics at Northwestern University. I am a complex algebraic geometer, interested in birational geometry and Hodge theory. My advisor is Mihnea Popa. Nowadays, I think about generalizing my earlier results to semi-log-canonical setting. I really enjoy thinking about Hodge modules and perverse sheaves. I am fascinated by its applications in rather unexpected setting; for instance, in finding zeroes of differential forms, a result of Popa and Schnell and more recently a log version due to Wei and the recent work of Schnell and Kebekus proving that the extension of differential forms are essentially determined by extensions of volume forms. Details of my research can be found research statement.

Starting September 2019 I will be a Hausdorff Postdoc at the Hausdorff Center for Mathematics, Bonn mentored by Prof. Daniel Huybrechts. For the first three months I will also be a visiting researcher at KU Leuven, Belgium hosted by Prof. Nero Budur.

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