2017 Midwest Topology Summer School on Trace Methods in Algebraic K-Theory @ IU

When: 7-11 August 2017.
Where: Indiana University.
Talks: Swain East 140.
Coffee: Rawles Hall 107.
Contact: benjamin.antieau@gmail.com.
Lecture series were given by:
Additional invited talks were given by:
Organizing committee:
Travel and lodging details: for information on traveling to IU, see here. If you are requesting reimbursement, we ask that you allow the summer school organizers to book a room on your behalf. Graduate students will typically be housed in doubles at Biddle Hotel (+1-812-856-6381). For postdocs and others, we have also reserved a block of rooms at a special rate at the Grant Street Inn (+1-812-334-2353). If you are receiving funding from elsewhere to attend the summer school, you may reserve your own room with the special rate; at either location, you will need to telephone and provide the code "Trace Summer School".

Support: we will have some support for graduate students and other early-career mathematicians available, for which we gratefully acknowledge Indiana University, UIC, and Antieau's NSF CAREER Award DMS-1552766.

Tony Elmendorf
Claudia Miller
Amir Mohammad Mostaed
Mariko Ohara
Dan Ramras
Emily Rudman
Sanjana Agarwal
Joel Stapleton
Aolong Li
Juan Villeta-Garcia
Kejia Zhu
Charmaine Sia
Joe Berner
Tasos Moulinos
Yining Zhang
Micah Darrell
Virgil Chan
Sarah Klanderman
Dominic Culver
Aaron Mazel-Gee
Gabriel Angelini-Knoll
David Mehrle
Elden Elmanto
Zeshen Gu
Weinan Lin
Alessandro Slamitz
Arun Debray
Zhouli Xu
Allen Yuan
Arpon Raksit
Shane Clark
Ernest E. Fontes
Michael Keogh
Foling Zou
Aydin Yousefzadehfard
J.D. Quigley
Dorin Boger
Lars Hesselholt
Thomas Nikolaus
Teena Geerhardt
Saul Glasman
Gijs Heuts
Aaron Royer
Sarah Yeakel
Nick Rozenblyum
Benjamin Antieau
David Gepner
Ayelet Lindenstrauss
Mike Mandell