Course page for Math 465, Spring 2010. Here is a syllabus, which was evidently only followed with dubious fidelity, in retrospect. The following notes from the lectures were taken by Hiro Tanaka, Owen Gwilliam, Allison Smith, Yuan Shen, Irina Bobkova, Agnès Beaudry, Josh Shadlen, Eric Potash, as specified.

Lecture 1: Overview
Lecture 2: Cobordism
Lecture 3: Thom's theorem
Lecture 4: Transversality
Lecture 5: Computation of the unoriented bordism ring.
Lecture 6: Handles
Lecture 7: Ordering handles.
Lecture 8: Handle cancellation.
Lecture 9: The normal form lemma, first part: handle elimination.
Lecture 10: The normal form lemma, second part: homology lemma. Not edited.
Lecture 11: The Whitney trick, first part.
Lecture 12: The Whitney trick, second part.
Lecture 13: The normal forma lemma, final part.
Lecture 14: The h-cobordism theorem and the generalized Poincaré conjecture.
Lecture 15: The s-cobordism theorem, Whitehead torsion, and simple homotopy.
Lecture 16: Morse functions and handles.
Lecture 17: Milnor's construction of exotic 7-spheres, first part.
Lecture 18: Milnor's construction of exotic 7-spheres, second part. Not edited.
Lecture 19: Kervaire-Milnor's groups of exotic spheres and the J-homomorphism. Not edited.
Lecture 20: Overview of Morse theory on loop spaces. Not edited.
Lecture 21: Bott periodicity. Not edited.
Lecture 22: Exotic spheres that bound parallelizable manifolds. Not edited.
Lecture 23: Plumbing. Not edited.

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